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Each of us has a story. Thank you for allowing God to use you to have an impact on families in crisis and be a part of their story
~ Andraé Robinson, Executive Director of Safe Refuge for Children + Families

Tish's Story

Tish is an amazing mother. When you look at her you would never know she has gone through immense trauma. She grew up in foster care and was trafficked at a young age. Through a time of healing and restoration, she is working to break the cycle to give her a son better life. She is giving all she can, but the trauma has affected her to the very core. While her life is now a 180 degree difference, life as a single mom of a special needs child is not easy. These are moments she needs more support than usual, and that’s where we step in.

The Lyle’s Story

In an effort to be an example of Christ’s love in a world where love is often used as a feel good facebook post, the Lyle family has been able to come alongside Tish and host her son. One of the many reasons they decided to serve in this capacity was the opportunity to serve as a family and show their kids what it is like to sacrifice time for the sake of someone else.

Marvi’s Story

Marvi first reached out to us in March of 2020, when the world was changing significantly and her world had turned upside down. In the midst of homelessness, domestic violence, transportation issues and cultural barriers, Marvi has learned to advocate for herself and her family as well as gained a community and support system.

The Caldie’s Story

Since 2019, Tom and Renee have hosted many children, answering the call whenever there is a need or opportunity to serve. If you’ve ever wondered what our families are doing to serve, this is a great depiction of that experience. This hosting was with 2 older siblings that have been through more trauma than most adults.

Your Donations in Action

We are a Christian non-profit that is solely funded by the generous donations of private donors. We do not take any government funding. Every single dollar given enables us to walk alongside families in crisis and enables us to strengthen families to prevent possible child neglect and/or abuse.


There are countless stories of families in crisis like the ones portrayed in our story. Would you join their story and become ONE of ONE HUNDRED donors that will make an impact in their lives?


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